Virtually 100-Year-Old Pictures Show How Amazing the original Rwandan Hairstyle Was

it might seem that the tresses appears pretty fly, but it’s likely that it’s absolutely nothing when compared to Amasunzu. It’s a traditionally Rwandan hairstyle which was once donned by males, including by unmarried ladies in order to indicate to prospective suitors they were single as well as marriageable age. The design is established by cutting some of the tresses laterally, towards middle, and allowing it to grow to the sophisticated crescent-shapes you can see when you look at the classic pictures below. The Rwandans used to put on the style in more than 30 other ways, and even though it’sn’t so commonplace any longer, you can easily however find individuals keeping this excellent and eye-catching tradition. (h/t: designyoutrust, vintageeveryday)

view the movie to learn more about the Rwandan Amasunzu hairstyle:

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