This woman From Latvia Rescued significantly more than 350 Homeless Cats During final 2 Years

Working student Zanda Indriksone started assisting homeless and abandoned cats about 2 yrs ago. But not in high-school or university she would not research about creatures in depth, she got understanding of kitties, their nature and wellness from her own experience. During all this work time she assisted a lot more than 350 cats.

“For example , I am going down the street – once I see a cat, i recently can’t pass away,” states Zanda, plus it might happen any day. “first thing I do is take the pet towards the veterinarian and so the vet could check pet’s health insurance and determine kitties age,” explains Zanda initial actions after she discovers tiny animals. Fortunately she is not alone in this process, because volunteers in addition started initially to assist and supply short-term houses for cats.

How long a pet remains in temporary house depends upon each pet’s condition. “If cats problem is great therefore the cat is healthy, there might be the opportunity to discover a home within 30 minutes. This primarily happens in the summer. Longest time cat spent in short-term house had been about monthly, but this whenever cat required special therapy.” remarks Zanda.

Currently Zanda additionally joined up with the non-profit pet defense organization – Cat Care Community who will be creating wood homes for homeless kitties in Riga and other Latvian metropolitan areas.





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